Hotpoint website

Good to see many of the design I created and page I coded are finally live on the Hotpoint website.

I was part of a small design team involved in planning, visualising and building this website. The team consisted of a developer, a UX designer, a UI designer and myself. I did a little bit everything. I created many of the visuals for the digital manager and reworked many of the older legacy pages coming across from the old website.

I worked the Experience sections; 'Innovations' and 'News & Offers'. Each of these 20 section pages needed a consistent design layout. I was also tasked with finding and reworking the digital assets to the new designs. Once all the section pages were visualised in Photoshop, I set about building an initial HTML/CSS template page. This helped me in rapid developing all the pages quickly and reduced the numbers of code changes later on.

I created Photoshop templates to handle the output of hundreds of images based on different image dimension requirements, so multiple images could be created instantly. This reduced the time it took to generate the assets as each page was built.

We were using Foundation 5, a similar system to Bootstrap. It allowed us to create responsive flexible design across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Launched December 2015

Launched December 2015