Heated Grips

I bought some aftermarket Yamaha OEM Heated Grips for my XSR900. They cost £140 from the dealer and took about 1 hour to fit. The grips come with a basic wiring loom which connects to the battery. I checked the grips heating ability before continuing the install. Once I was happy with the heat started to remove the old grips.

I actually removed the standard grips using a pair of scissors, inserting them under the ‘rubber’ to release the adhesive. I could open the scissors when pushed right in to detach more than with a spike object.


I used some hairspray and superglue to fix the new grips in place and left over night.


Once fitted, they heated up real quick and the grips have a good feeling. They are going to make a big difference to my early morning 50 mile commute in Winter. Can’t wait to try them out on Monday.