Ashridge Walk

A five mile roundtrip from Ivinghoe Beacon to the Ashridge NT Monument. Some light snow had fallen the previous day, so we all wrapped up to brave the elements.

A walk along the River Wey in Guildford

In an attempt to get fit this year, I have continued to walk around Guildford in my lunch hour. I try not to have any specific route, and this can lead me into the countryside, residential areas and industrial parks. On my daily wanders I take photos of the scenery.

Fujifilm (MCEX-16) 16mm Extension Tube

Trying out my new Fujifilm MEX extension tube this month. I had third party versions of this, however they could never connect properly and would cause problems during shot taking. So I decided to cut my losses and purchase the proper one. It's so much better. The response time is amazing and I'm very happy with the results. I'm finding the Fuji 18-55mm and the 56mm are the best lenses with this 16mm extension tube - close enough and good focusing.

Here are a few shots so far.

Fuji MEX 16mm

Autumn in Ashridge Woods, England

When I think of Autumn, I think of the death and decay. The smell of the damp ground and the rotting leaves hangs heavy across the long wet grass on its carpeted forest floor. The trees within Ashridge Woods are mostly Beech, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut and Silver Birch. However, there are large sections of Pine, Scruce etc.

The grassy walkways are lined with low-level bracken fern and fallen dead wood - a great habitat for insects and fungi. The paths are generally boggy this time of year and its recommended one wears good wellie boots. 

As we walked along these grass avenues, the afternoon sun was breaking through the trees creating golden shafts of light against the Autumnal foliage. The soft greens, amber yellows and duff oranges created a wonderful spectrum of colour.

There is plenty of fungus on the trees to photograph too. I even managed to find a Pale Tussock Moth Larvae on the forest floor.

London Walks 2015.10.04

In London attending a comedy show, this afternoon. While there, I thought I would spend a few hours prior to the gig wandering the streets of the financial district around Lime Street. Leadenhall Market is over 100 years old and looks absolutely beautiful. I think it was the inspiration for the Harry Potter's 'Diagon Alley' styling and atmosphere. I wish there were more places like this is London.