Dark light


in the studio today. trying out some lighting ideas. I'm always amazed just how much better strobes are over continuous softbox lights. 

A quick self portrait today. Using top corner strobe and a softbox positioned from below. Some Lightroom processing with experimental selective colouring. Not my favourite technique, I was just proving a point. 

Big Shave 3

I am so glad I have finally completed this project. Growing my beard with slow and itchy. On the final weekend in November I setup my third Big Shave project in the bathroom and got to work taking it all off. 

I used my Fuji X-E2 and a 35mm lens, tripod, two soft box lights and an intervalometer. The Fuji doesn't allow for built-in interval shooting, so with the intervalometer I could set the timer to fire an exposure ever few seconds without touching the camera each time.

I started the camera shooting and began trimming away with my fingers. Then quickly hacked away at my beard with a beard shaver. Snip, snip, buzz, buzz. Finally finishing with my beard all gone and 700 images created. I continued on and also shaved my hair too. The same process but being more careful as I had to work on Monday. Another 500 images. Once the capture was complete, I packed up and started the post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. 

I had decided early on that I was shooting JPEGs. Much easier to deal with in post. They downloaded to the Mac in about 8 minutes and I started to rate each image as 1 (not required) or 3 (required). Once rated I tried out some presets I had developed for portraits then export them all to Adobe Premiere.

I'm not entirely happy with the project this time. I don't think the intervalometer worked very well. Each frame doesn't look like its taken at the optimum time. Oh well.